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With a rise in awareness of the importance of being environmentally friendly, at Lows we have replaced our packaging range with eco products to help our business become more green.


1. Lows - 2 Compartment Fish Box’s




“Pan-Perfect” Fish & Chips

Two compartment boxes have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years because they provide the, virtually, perfect way to serve and to transport Fish & Chips. This makes them ideal for both takeaway and for home delivery.


They're Recyclable!

They're Biodegradable !

They're Compostable!


2. Paper Straws




These paper straws offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic straws.

Join in the campaign and help to #PassOnPlastic.

These straws are recyclable and biodegradable.

3. Bio Boxes




Bio-boxes are produced from the vegetation remaining after the sugar has been extracted from the sugar cane plant.

Bio-boxes are both bio-degradable and compostable. 

The quality of our bio-boxes ensures that they are suitable to transport fried food without any degradation of the product.

The material absorbs excess condensation helping to maintain the crispness of the batter



4. Lows  Paper Bags





The Lows bag gives a fresh, modern and up-to-date image to the Nation’s Most Iconic Dish!

This is the largest kraft satchel bag in the range and is capable of containing all sizes of compartment Fish & Chip boxes.


They're recyclable!

They're biodegradable!

They're compostable!



5. Bio Forks & Knives





At Lows we have swapped our plastic forks and knives for bio forks and knives.

Bio Forks and Knives are made from corn-starch and are bio-degradable and compostable.


At Lows we are committed to being socially responsible and helping the environment where possible.


6) Waste Oil




All of our used cooking oil is collected under contract by Olleco. Every drop is recycled into renewable energy.  


Our used cooking oil is taken from our shop to the local olleco depot and then to one of three processing sites which are located in Southampton, Wales and Liverpool. Once there, the oil is de-packed, heated, cleaned and filtered and then sent to olleco’s biodiesel plant in Liverpool for recycling.

7. Food Waste


Food waste fuels the future! Our food waste is collected under contract by Olleco.


Olleco convert food waste into renewable resources such as electricity, heat and organic fertiliser which is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers.


8. Recycling


Mixed Recycling


Through EIS’s Mixed Recycling Facility (DMR), we recycle all our Paper and Packaging i.e. Cardboard, Plastic Film, Cans, and Plastic Bottles. This allows a simple one bin solution for all of our recycling.

9. High Efficiency Frying Range


We use a High Efficiency Kiremko Frying Range. This frying range is a counter frying range adjacent to a wall which separates the customer area to the staff area.


Developed in Europe, a pan can be called high efficiency if it is tested by a Government approved body such as Gastec (Holland) and Technigas (Belgium) and certificated to a gas efficiency level exceeding 80%.

Kiremko offer various High Efficiency pans with three sizes of flat bottomed pans, one round pan and a 2, 3 or 4 basket pan with heat exchangers.


These heat exchanger pans are an exclusive development of Kiremko and despite various suggestions by our competitors have proved to have less oil wastage due to the fact that the performance of the pans enables customers to fry to at least 20 degrees less in temperature and still produce more product.


The heat exchanger pans are Gastech certificated to 94%, the highest efficiency pan in Europe.

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