Lows Traditional Fish & Chips – Covid-19 System(s)

  • No orders should be taken in person on the premises - this should be communicated to customers by appropriate means such as signage

  • Orders are taken via telephone with payments made remotely. Our Berryden store offers a delivery service via Deliveroo and Just Eat which can take payments online. Our Westhill store is operating a delivery service via Westhill Taxis - we will be required to take payment via telephone. No cash will be handled.


  • Businesses should therefore only take orders online or by telephone

  • See above.


  • Customers could have staggered collection times - customers should be discouraged from entering the premises until their order is ready

  • No member of the public, be that delivery driver or collection, is allowed in store or to congregate out-with the premises.


  • Customers arriving without having already placed an order should be encouraged to leave the premises to place their order by telephone or online, and to return at a designated time for collection

  • Any customer arriving at the premises will be asked to return to their vehicle. There, they can place their order via telephone and pay over the telephone. We shall then drop the food off at their vehicle adhering to strict non contact regulations.


  • Customers whose orders are ready should enter one at a time to collect orders and make payments

  • No customers shall be allowed into the premises. See above for further details.


  • Businesses should discourage crowding outside the premises. Where possible, use queue management systems to maintain the 2 metres separation

  • Customers collecting orders must wait in their vehicles and not congregate outside the premises. Delivery drivers must adhere to our 2m social distancing guidelines. This will be policed strictly by staff.


Further points:


In light of recent events, we would like to outline measures we have taken to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. We want all of our customers to feel safe whilst visiting us. We have thought very carefully about our operations and after Government advice, below is a detailed account of our response to Covid-19.


What are we doing?

- Phone / Car Park Collection (phone in your order and we will take the product directly to your vehicle)

- Contact Free Delivery on our Just Eat & Deliveroo Platforms (Berryden Only)

- Contact Free Delivery via Westhill Taxis (Westhill Only)

- Payments for collection made via telephone

- Adding Hand Sanitiser for Staff at their designted stations

- Ensuring social distancing in store, staff adhering to a minimum distance of 2m separation

- Stricter cleaning regimes 

- Notices in store relating to Covid-19, hand-washing practices and personal hygiene practices.

Above all, we are taking current events very seriously and our staff and customers well-being is our highest priority.

Stay Safe.



Black (Government Advice)

Red   (Our Response)